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Drawing Tutorial-Outline [13 Nov 2008|11:26pm]
Keep in mind im no master myself and remember to use guidelines sadly my camera didnt show up my guidelines because mines so light. The outline was sketeched in a 2B pencil.

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Brentrick Anime Drawing [14 Jan 2008|07:23am]
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Movies and TV Shows [23 Nov 2007|11:42am]
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[22 Nov 2007|10:09am]
this is now my personal/playlist/updates lj

for my fanfics head on over togoodbyefiction
Wrote A Sin Not A Tragedy

[17 Jun 2007|01:15pm]
whoa I've been gone for a while eh? my computers been a complete and total asshole >,< more later           
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[17 Mar 2007|06:56pm]
Welcome To The Training Facility
Theme Song:Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year-Fall Out Boy
Chapter One Entry

note: this takes place before Chosen Destiny and Fight For The Future- chapter one of CD is actually a flashback that takes place when this story ends lets begin, for the sake of the story you only have to go for a summer.

I am sitting outside on a beautiful June morning. I had just graduated from High School and now I found myself in front of The FBI Academy. Why not

I asked myself. This is were my parents taught, they were FBI agents. But they only taught here during the month of June, the rest of the year they

were out working on cases. That means I'll probably get stuck with some mean teacher the rest of the year. I looked down the rows quite a line up

for this semester. Let me see; there's me, Kendra Madden, my older twin brothers Benji and Joel Madden, my ex- boyfriend Paul Thomas, my

friends Billy Martin and Chris Wilson, a dark haired boy who I didn't know, and then two twin boys. Suddenly, The AD (Assitant Director) came to

speak to all of us.

"Welcome to The FBI Academy, at the end of the summer you will graduate and become a part of the FBI crew until you resign. Now during the

first month you will learn the rules and regualtions with Special Agent Jared Madden. You will also learn medical procedures shall you ever need to

use them with Special Agent Amber Madden. After that you will learn your basic manuevers and go on one sample case with your assigned partner with Special

Agent Billie- Joe Armstrong." Up on the stage I could see my mom, my dad, and some other guy that looked like he was in his early twenties.

"Now I am retiring this year so there will be a compotition to see who will be the new Assitant Director. Also while you are here you will have special laments

similar to an FBI badge. The only difference is they say FBI Academy Student on them. Now then any questions?" No one raised their hand.

"Very well, when I call your name please come up to have your photo taken and recieve your laments. "Now let's begin, Pierre Bouvier" The

dark haired boy stood up and walked up towards the AD. There was a flash and his picture was taken. It reminded me of the machine the RMV

used when they issued licenses. There was a machine to electronically record signatures as well. The AD kept moving, "Alexander Key,....Ryan

Key,...Benjamin Madden,....Joel Madden,.... Kendra Madden(oh boy my turn),....William Martin,....Paul Thomas,....and Christopher Wilson. Now if

you will please follow Special Agent Jared Madden for your first lesson on rules and regulations." Then we all head towards our first lesson, laments in hand.

Chapter Two The Rules and Regulations this one is short chapter 3 will be to

"Now class you are here to learn the rules and regulations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Pay close attention and take good notes

because you will have a final exam on this. Now copy this down." With that my father went about to writing on the board. Here was what we

copied down. 1. Be on time for work 2. Wear Apporiate Dress(collared shirts, a blazer jacket, dress pants, pants are optional for females, they may wear a skirt if they choose, ties are optional for the males though they are recommended, and no sneakers.) 3. Have your ID on you at all times inside of work or out 4. Respect your fellow

Agents 5. Never Disobey Your Commanding Officer. After the bell sounds and we march off to our next class which will be with my mom.

Chapter Three The Medical Procedures

We walked into my mom's classroom. However, she didn't say anything. We saw dummies all around the room. We assumed that this how we

we're going to learn things. All class long we were learning how to wrap bandages, give CPR, and how to call for help correctly. I was relieved

that neither my mother nor father had given me special attention because I'm their daughter. After the class my mom called me over. "Listen

Kendra, you see this necklace?" She was referring to her necklace which had a cross and St. Christopher pendant on it. I nodded, " I want you

to have it if anything happenes to me". She said then shooed me out to go eat lunch. What was that all about?

Chapter Four Finals

~Takes Place at The End Of June~

I sat in my second final of the day,The Rules and Regulations. I had my exam on medical procedures this morning. At the end of the exam we had

lunch and to my dismay Paul was all over his new girlfriend (we were aloud to leave campus for lunch). I tried to focus my attention somewhere

besides them. I looked over at the dark haired boy, I think his name was Pierre. I finally got a good look at the boy, he wasn't to bad looking. He

had a cute smile to. Looks like Benji and Joel have made friends with him. Everyone's gonna have a partner they like except me. Oh well I decided

to join everyone else. Joel smiled at me and Benji gave me this look. "Pierre this is our little sister, Kendra" the twins said in unison. I slapped

both of them. "Why'd you slap 'em for?" God he has a sexy voice. "Because they know I hate it when they do that!" I laughed. The four of us

laughed, then we when to go find out the results of our exam.

Chapter Five Basic Manuevers

Turns out we all passed the exams. Now my mom and dad had to go out on a case. They hugged Joel, Benji, and I and told us to be careful. Then they drove off. Now we

were stuck doing our basic manuevers and then our sample cases, starting first thing tommorrow.

next moring( we live on the campus)

Turns out I was late the next morning. Uh-oh, I rushed to get dressed and grabbed my lament off my bureau and ran towards the field. I saw

everyone else standing there, including our teacher; Special Agent Armstrong. He tapped his foot waiting for an explaination. I told him the truth, I

slept late. He shook his head and then he lead us over to a part of the field to get begin the practice of the week. Turns out we were going to be

practicing running, climbing, and other things to build up our strength. Not that bad, but definately not the best think I've ever done. We have to do this all week? Jeez, I hope I can survive all of this.

Chapter Six Basic Manuevers Part Two

-this is in early August-

"Ok you've all done very well you completed all of your basic manuevers, except one. You need to learn how to operate a gun properly. Now go

pick a gun that you can easily handle, and then we're going to practice shooting at those targets over there." Billie said to all of us. He was

actually letting us call him Billie instead of Special Agent Armstrong. Turns out he wasn't to pleased to be working for the FBI but it paid well.

"When you become actual members of the FBI, the gun you pick will become yours. Example this is the gun I picked out when I was going

through training." He removed his gun from his holster. "You'll also recieve a smaller gun, for your ankle holster" He rolled up his pants leg and

showed us the ankle holster. "Now let's begin." he said. He walked over to the mark on the field took out his gun and fired at the target. He hit it

dead on. We all began firing at our own designated targets. I can't belive I almost quit, I'm actually having fun. After two hours, Billie told us to call

it a day, for tommorrow, one of us was going out on a case with Billie and the rest of the class in backup or so we thought turns out tommorrow we were getting our

partners to.

Chapter Seven Partner's Assigned

"Ok people before we go out on any cases, it's time to get you hooked up with partners. When I call your name, you will come up here by me and stay here until the

next name is called. Thus that person will be your partner. Since there are nine of you one of you will have a group of three. Any questions?" Billie asked us.

Paul raised his hand. "Who picks our partners?" "Good question Paul, but it has a simple answer. I assign the partners." Billie said with a crooked smile.

"Now lets begin, Ryan" One of the twin boys walked up to Billie.

"Ryan your partner is going to be Alex" The other twin joined his brother. Glad they were happy, I hope Benji, Joel, and I are the group of three.

"William and Chris you're going to be partners." my two friends shrugged and stood by the twins.

"Benji, Joel, and Pierre, you three are partners." My heart sunk, that means.

"Kendra and Paul you're the only two left so that means you're partners. Now let's see which team is going out first. " Billie said and walked into a different direction with

everyone else following him. Paul walked off first leaving me behind. How could this happen to me?

Chapter Eight Billy's and Chris's Case

"Ok everyone, by random selection, William Martin and Christopher Wilson is going out on the first case. Now William and Christopher you have your laments in your wallets

and your guns correct?" Billie asked. Chris and Billy nodded. "Alright, go over to wear those kids are using drugs, if you need help you have your cell phones with my number

in it. Now go." Billiesaid. They headed in that direction. They came back over with the kids handcuffed. Billie nodded and wrote on a clipboard. "Ok let's see whose


Chapter Nine Benji's, Joel's and Pierre's Case

"Ok our one and only group of three is next. Now listen up boys, thanks to our special spies that are hidden inside this apartment building I have a good reason to believe

that there's a woman in apartment number 4 that is being abused by her husband. We have the videos of it, so you three are going to bust this guy understood?" Billie

asked my brothers and their cute partner. They all nodded. When they got inside we all crept to a window where we will be able to see how well they handled this. Joel

knocked on apartment number 4's door. A really tall and muscular guy answered. Benji swallowed a bit and Joel's legs were shaking. "What can I do for you three

children?" he asked. Benji and Joel's partner, Pierre stepped foward."We're not children sir. My name is Pierre Bouvier and I am a student at the FBI Academy. These two

are my partners Benji and Joel." Pierre said while flashing his lament. "What's the FBI want with me?" the suspect asked. Benji stepped foward this time, "We have proof

that you have been abusing your wife, so by the authority of the Untited States Government, you are under arrest" . Joel went to handcuff him but the guy stepped back, "I

am not arrested by some kids that are in training!" he hollered. At this Billie got up and told us to stay here. "Then how about you get arrested by me Steven?"Billie asked.

"And who are you their teacher?" Steven asked. "You can say that and now you can face the wall." Billie flashed his badge and said "I'm Special Agent Armstrong and you

Steven Stricklen are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law." Billie cuffed him. "We're not going to

lose points are we?" Joel asked, his lip quivering. "Nah, it's possible you could, but what they don't know won't hurt them" Billie said while Benji called for a car to bring

Stricklen to jail.

Chapter Ten Ryan's and Alex's Case -this may be short but I want to get this done-

"Ryan and Alexander,you two are going to bring a murder suspect to justice. Just don't get murdered yourselves"Billie cracked a smile. The twins looked nervous but nodded.

Billie offered them a smile and said, "We'll be there don't worry. Now here's everything you need to know. Last night gunshots were heard we found the gun and did a finger print test. The match is Belaina Fillpe and what I want you two to do is track her down and arrest her. Think you can do it?" 

Both twins nodded and they were handed a photo of the suspect. They walked off and we were in pursuit.

[should i continue?]
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[28 Jan 2007|01:31pm]

Patrick's girlfriend of four years..but she does something that makes her his biggest mistake.During the time when hes in deep dark depression Pete comes around and becomes his best kept secret. Written with Becky!

My Best Kept Secret and My Biggest Mistake

Chapter One Hearts,Lies and Friends


"You have no idea how much I love her" Patrick grinned talking to his three band mands. Andy was trying to act like he was paying attention,Joe was playing a game and Pete was typing on his sidekick. Patrick was talking about Anna his girlfriend of four years who he had something very special planned for after the concert that night.

Pete glanced up from his sidekick and let out a soft sigh. He had a feeling Patrick was going to propose tonight and as much as he wanted him to be happy, he couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. He had cared deeply about Patrick, always throwing him subtle hints, hoping he'd realize that Pete could treat him better than Anna. Anna. Pete never liked her much, there was something about her that bothered him and he couldn't put his finger on it. "So...this is the night?" Pete asked, hiding the sadness in his voice for his friend.

"Yes it is..I can't believe it,starting tommorrow I'm going to be engaged!" Patrick's voice was higher pitched than usual. He was squealing.

Pete sighed and went back to his sidekick. "Great, Trick. That's great. She's a lucky girl." Joe glanced over at Pete and frowned. He knew about his feelings for Patrick, hell everyone did except for Patrick.

Before things got intense, Andy stood up."Well congrads to that..but we have to go to soundcheck"

Pete closed his sidekick, slipping it into his pocket. He stood up and walked out of the room without a word. Joe bit his lip and glanced at Andy in worry.

"I get to sing!"Patrick exclaimed going to the front to get his girlfriend. Then going to follow Pete. Andy looked over at Joe. "You think he'll go in depression again?"

Joe nodded and sighed. "I'm worried. I think he definitely will. And I don't know if we can help him out of this one."

Andy sighed."How can Patrick not see? I don't trust Anna either"

Joe shook his head and rolled his eyes. "She's just not right for him...I wish he could see how much Pete loves him."

"I guess he never will"

Pete walked over to his bass, picking it up and playing around with it quietly, not paying attention to anyone else.

Patrick held Anna's hands before entering the sound check room. "I'll pick you up after soundcheck ok?"

Anna smiled and nodded, kissing Patrick's cheek. "Of course, baby. I love you." She looked over and saw Pete, rolling her eyes at him. She never liked him, not in the least.

"Alright..you can hang out with Kevin if you want" He kissed her cheek entering the room.

Pete sighed and stayed as far away from Patrick as possible as he played his bass, waiting for the rest of the guys to start.

Patrick blinked picking up his guitar. After sound check the guys went for lunch. Patrick turned to his band mates as Pete walked ahead."Is he mad at me or something?"

Joe looked at Andy nervously before shaking his head quickly. "Oh no, no. He's just...tired." He nodded and shrugged.

"Seems like he's avoiding me"

Joe laughed and shook his head again, wrapping an arm around Patrick. "Oh don't be silly. Why would he ever do that?"

"I don't know!" Patrick pulled his cap off and replaced it quickly."I'll talk to him after I save my girlfriend from my big brother..he's demented as you know"

"Um, okay, yeah, you go do that." Joe nodded and leaned over to whisper to Andy. "Maybe we should try to talk to him before Patrick does."

"I agree..."Andy nodded walking over to Pete with Joe by his side.

Pete looked over at the two of them and flashed a weak smile. "What's up guys? Where 's Patrick?"

"Retrieving the whore..what's up with you?"

"Oh," Pete laughed and shrugged. "Nothing is up with me, I'm fine, really."

"Pete..we know you like Patrick..."Andy trailed off.

"Oh...well...okay then." Pete sighed.

"So what's on your mind"

"Well...I don't think it's a good idea. I just...I think she's not right for him."

"We don't either. She'll mess up sooner or later and when she does..it's your turn"

"He's not going to want me." Pete frowned.

"You never know..."

"No, I do know. Just forget it. It's not ever happening." Pete sighed and shook his head. "I'm going for a walk, see you guys later."

Patrick was skipping happidly down the hall. When he finally located his brother,he saw him kissing a topless girl in a firey passion. When they turned Patrick's jaw dropped. He wanted to run away quietly but his foot collidied wth a table turning both of their heads. All he could say was,"How could you?" He went to take off when Anna,with Kevin's shirt on, stopped him.

Anna bit her lip and sighed. "Aww, I'm sorry, Tricky. Please don't be upset. It won't happen again."

"Tricky? It's PATRICK. Anna no..you have no IDEA. I was going to ask you to marry me tonight.But you can forget that. Just be lucky I was raised to never hit a girl. And YOU" He turned to his older brother, his blue eyes glaring icicles at him. "Our last name may be the same..but as far as I'm concered, we aren't related" He kicked his brother hard on the side of his leg. "Be lucky Kevin she won't play you off as a TRICK" He ran off in the opposite direction colliding with Pete. "Oof"

Pete immediately wrapped his arms around Patrick to steady him and prevent him from falling over. He bit his lip and cleared his throat, forcing a smile. "Well, aren't we in a hurry?" he joked, looking down at him. "You okay?"

Patrick tried to talk but after the rare outburst of anger all that was left was sadness. "N-no..just bring to the bus...I want to curl u-u---p and die"

Pete's eyes widened and he swallowed hard. "Trick? Oh my god....what happened?" he asked sadly, holding him close for a few moments, rubbing his back gently.

"I was played off as a Trick..my own brother..my own.fucking brother!"

"What? What do you mean?" Pete asked in confusion.

"I found...Anna..alright.."

"She was making out with my brother"

"What?!" Pete frowned, his eyes narrowing. "That bitch!" He was angry, very angry and more than anything he wanted to go over and punch her in the face.

"I kicked..Kevin..I wanted...to punch her..but I can't"

"I--I need to go.." He wiggled out of Pete's grip and ran to the bus as he saw Anna and his brother walking over.

Pete frowned and walked up to the two of them, shaking his head. "How the fuck could you do that to him?" he growled. "Especially you Kevin."

"Caught up in the moment.Like you wouldn't have done it" Kevin shook his head.

Pete shook his head. "I would never do that, especially to someone like Patrick." Anna rolled her eyes and laughed. "Oh please...you are such a whore, Pete. Send anyone any naked pictures of your less than impressive dick lately?"

Patrick who was mid-way down the hall reversered directions. "Nobody and I mean nobody talks to my best friend like that. Let me warn you now. Incase you haven't seen it already Kevin's no better and for the record I could care less how I was raised." He paused and the next thing you heard was a loud SMACK."You're the whore. Not Pete"

Pete's eyes widened and he bit his lip, staring at Patrick in disbelief. Anna held her face and shook her head. "How could you do that to me?" she cried.

"The same way you could have your tongue rammed down my brother's throat. What's next going to try to ram your disease infested vagina on his miniscule dick?" He sneered. Anger had resurfaced as Patrick's dominate emotion and he refused to bottle it.

Pete stood there quietly. He was hurt, Anna was right. He was a whore, no better than her. How could he think he'd be better for Patrick? How could he? Anna reached over and slapped Patrick across the face...HARD. "How dare you talk to me like that?" she yelled. "I don't need you. You're nothing to me. You're not attractive, you're not anything...you are just...fat and stupid." She smirked and turned to leave, Kevin following her.

"So what! Go fuck him! Won't be the first member of my family."Patrick's hand rose to touch his cheek where her scrawny hand had slapped him. "THIS ISN'T OVER ANNA!

"Oh it is, Patrick. It is more than over. It's dead." She called over her shoulder.

"Nice choice of words!" He sneered at her one last time as she disappeared,for now. "Pete are you alright?"

Pete looked over at him and nodded. "I'm fine. More importantly...how are you?"

"I'll be fine. I think. I'll kill her, I really will. Let them arrest me I don't care! I've been to prison before"

Pete rolled his eyes. "Patrick, knock it off, please."

: "SHE HURT YOU PETE! That stings more than the feeble slap she gave me"

Pete frowned and looked at Patrick sadly. "It doesn't matter what she said to me, really."

"It did...I saw it in your eyes"

"Well, okay, maybe she's right. The truth hurts sometimes, Trick."

"She's not right..Panda you're everything to me not just some cheap whore"

"Are you sure? I mean...I...you know." He sighed.

"You have naked pictures over the internet so what! That's Chris' fault. I've taken pictures like that on my sidekick too!" Patrick covered his mouth. Where exactly was this boldness comming from?

Pete gasped and then laughed quietly. "Oh Trick! You cute little troublemaker!"

"I was going to send them to--never mind"

"To who? Anna?" Pete frowned. "She doesn't deserve to see perfection," he mumbled.

He giggled. "Not to her. The same person I used as my inspiration when I was ya'know"

"Oh? And who would that be?" he asked curiously.

"Umm..don't make..me..say..it"

Pete pouted. "Oh come on, Trick. You can tell me. I promise I won't tell anyone."Patrick's face flushed a darker hue of red. "Check..your..sidekick..under..private..messages"

Pete's eyes widened and immediately his sidekick was whipped out of his pocket. His fingers moved quickly and he could have sworn his heart stopped as he found the pictures. "Patrick..."

"Yeah?" He asked looking down. "I'm fat I know"

"You are beautiful...absolutely perfect." "You..you think so?"

"I don't think so. I know so." He nodded.

"Oh Pete.." He fell foward into his arms the emotional rampage draining him.

Pete hugged him tightly and sighed. "You poor thing...you must be so emotionally exhausted."

"Yeah but we have to perform.."

Pete looked down at Patrick."Are you sure?" Patrick nodded and they headed towards their dressing room with Patrick still cradled in Pete's arms.

Chapter Two:If Boys Are Messy,Then Girls Made The Mess

"I'm good to go and I'm going nowhere fast" Patrick belted out the opening lines and notes to the last song of the night,Saturday. He had his hat pulled down over his face. His blue eyes were still welling up with tears. Anna and his brother were in the VIP section and it was stressing the young singer out.


Pete kept an eye on Patrick the whole time, worried about him deeply. He knew he was upset and he wished he could cheer him up somehow. He sighed, concentrating on his bass lines until it was time for him to take the mic. He screamed into it, like usual. God, how he hated his voice. He didn't understand why Patrick had insisted he sing or rather scream. He looked out into the crowd, his eyes resting on Anna. He couldn't believe she had the nerve to still show up. He rolled his eyes at her as she laughed and flipped him off. What a night this would be.

Patrick ended the song and bowed. He walked off the stage quickly. Fresh tears were pricking at his eyes. I ran into their dressing room and bolted the door shut. He leaned his semi-large frame against it and just let himself cry-hard. He picked up his razor blade and sliced across his wrist. He gasped as his skin was ripped apart.The white carpert got stained a dark red color quickly.



Pete sighed and walked off stage, looking around for Patrick. He sighed when he couldn't find him and went over to where Andy and Joe were, talking to some random fans. "Um...hey guys, where's Trick?" he asked nervously, having a bad feeling creeping up in the pit of his stomach. "I can't find him anywhere and well...I'm very worried." Joe raised an eyebrow and tilted his head. "I thought he was with you....?"


"Ditto. He's not here" Andy said and shooed a microphone away.

Pete sighed and shook his head. "You haven't seen him at all? He could be...nevermind." He turned away quickly, searching for his best friend once more, tears filling his eyes. He was worried sick, to say the least. He turned the corner and bumped into Anna and Kevin, frowning as he looked at them. "Excuse me," he mumbled, trying to push past them but Anna stopped him.


"Were do you think you're going?"


Pete groaned and rolled his eyes. "Away from you. I have to find Patrick. Please get out of my way," he pleaded.

"Why? Like Tricky would do anything?"

"Move out of the way." Pete said sternly, the pain in his stomach becoming almost unbearable. Something was wrong, he knew it.

"Pete!" Andy yelled from the other of the hall. "Our dressing room is locked!"


Pete looked over at Andy and pushed Anna out of the way. He didn't care anymore. He fished around in his pocket for the spare key, it had to be around here somewhere. He found it and handed it to Andy, smiling slightly. "There you go."

"When did we get red carpeting?" Joe asked walked over looking confused.


Pete rolled his eyes, "Its white, you idiot. Are you high again?" He sighed and walked in the room, gasping at the blood stains. "OH. MY. GOD."

"I TOLD YOU IT WAS RED!"Joe exclaimed getting a joint out of his pocket. Andy smacked him and then un-locked the door.They found Patrick laying on the floor a razor blade in his right hand and his glasses in his left. He had pulled his hat over his face.

Pete rushed over to Patrick's side, tears now spilling down his cheeks. "Oh my god...Patrick? Are you okay? Patrick?!"

"Ughhh" Patrick groaned. "Pete..is..that..you?"

"Pete..look on the wall.."Andy gasped. For the first time they noticed the message on the white wall written in blood. LOVE SUCKS.

Pete looked at the wall and shook his head. "How could you do this to me, Patrick?" He asked quietly. He was being selfish, yes, but he couldn't help it. He loved Patrick so much. He couldn't bear to lose him. Joe cleared his throat and shook his head. "Um, Pete...you really aren't one to talk..."

"Now now let's not fight."Andy tried to be the peace maker. "Pete.. I lost..her..and...then..there's...you"

Pete looked down at Patrick sadly. "Me? What about me?" Joe sighed and quickly moved to call an ambulance.

"You're pefect..why...don't you have..anyone?"His breathing was getting more ragged.

Pete leaned down and pushed away Patrick's hat. He stroked Patrick's cheek lightly and sighed. "Shh, please. We're gonna get you help..."

"That feels good" He whispered softly.

Pete nodded sadly and looked over at Joe. "They're on their way..." he sighed.

"Pete come closer for a sec"Patrick said in a barely audioable voice.


Pete nodded and moved closer to Patrick. "Yes, Trick?"

With what energy he had left he kissed Pete softly before temporarily closing his eyes for good.

Pete immediately broke down, the tears coming out in streams as he choked back sobs. "Oh god...is he dead?"

Just as this happened the paramedics arrived. They felt for a pulse. "No..but he's barely alive..what happened here?"

Pete couldn't handle it. He excused himself and moved to go to the bathroom. Joe watched him and followed him quickly, fearful Pete would do the same.

"He's been through a lot just take him to the hospitial" Andy trailed after Pete and Joe.


Pete looked back and raised an eyebrow, "Yes?"

"Go with him..Patrick will want you there when he wakes up"Andy nodded.

Pete nodded and moved to follow the paramedics, climbing into the ambulance with them. He reached over and grabbed Patrick's hand, squeezing it tightly.

In his semi-como tose state,Patrick squeezed back.




Pete closed his eyes and sighed. What would he do if he lost Patrick? And why did he kiss him? He was so confused.

As they got to the hospitial Patrick was rushed to the er.Andy and Joe arrived moments later.

Pete was told to wait in the waiting room and sighed as he took a seat, still crying hard.

"Hey any news?"Andy asked putting his hand on Pete's shoulder.

Pete shook his head. "No, nothing. I just have to wait, I guess." He mumbled between sobs.

"Oh Pete we're so sorry.Patrick's your world"


Pete nodded and closed his eyes, shaking all over. "I can't live without him."

"Everything will be fine Pete" Andy glanced nervously over at Joe as the doctor came out. "Are you three here for Patrick Stumph?"
Pete looked up and nodded, biting his lip anxiously. Joe looked back at Andy and sighed, waiting for the news.

"Unfortnately..there was to much blood loss and a poisoness substance in his body...we tried to save him..but he just seemed to let go..I'm very sorry" Andy and Joe immediatly hugged Pete not only to comfort him but because he swore him and Patrick had this..connection.

Pete bit his lip and shivered, shaking his head. "No...he's not. He can't be. I won't believe it. No, no. He's really not. No."

"Pete...he is.."

"No, he's not. I'm telling you guys..." Pete sniffled, "Please..he can't be..."

"Explain the connectionPete..what do you feel?"Andy was trying to get it out of him. It would only be a matter of minutes before the press found out that Fall Out Boy's frontman was dead. "It seemed that Patrick hadn't only attempted suicide,it seems as though he was murdered."Joe said softly.

Pete sniffled and shrugged. "I just...I can't explain it Andy..." he whispered softly. He looked over at Joe and bit his lip. "Murdered? Who..? How?"

"Patrick was acting..weird during the performance after he drank from his water bottle.The doctor did say there was a poisoness substance in his body.What if those two planned this?"

Sure enough the press arrived shoving mics at the remaing three of Fall Out Boy.

Pete sighed and turned his head away quickly. "How do they find out these things so quickly?" he groaned. "Its insane. Please leave us alone," he pleaded.

"Seriously.."Andy and Joe served as Pete's body guards and walked away.Later that week they had to face going to the cementary to bid farewell to Patrick. Pete was still alive although Joe and Andy wondered for how much longer?

just to let you know..this chapter is a bit more creepier


Chapter Three Take This To Your Grave

Andy and Joe have had a busy week. They had already lost one friend, they refused to loose another. Pete was asleep peacefully and then he started to twitch in his sleep.


The nightmare started again, the same it had been night after night after Patrick's death. The coffin shook and Patrick cried from inside, screaming "PETE! PETE! HELP ME!" And every night Pete would wake up, screaming and crying for Patrick, telling Andy and Joe that he was still alive. Tonight was no different.

"He's dreaming again" Andy sighed. "Should we wake him up?"

Joe frowned. "I don't know. I mean...he's just going to cry and yell at us."

"That's true" Andy sighed. Inside of Pete's nightmare Patrick's voice screamed. "GET ME OUT PETE! I'm alive! I can't breathe, it's dark,and I'm scared! I miss you Panda! I love you..Anna tried poisoning me..HELP ME!"

Pete's eyes shot open and he jumped out of bed, running by Joe and Andy. "We have to save him! He can't breathe! Hurry, please!"

"Pete..Patrick's dead..you saw him get buried.They're just dreams you just miss Patrick so much" Andy shook his softly. His friend was loosing it.


Joe grabbed Pete, who of course, started kicking and screaming. "Please! I have to save him! He can't breathe! Stop! Let me go!"

"Pete..I know I'm being harsh but why does he need to breathe? He's not here! Snap out of it and go to sleep" With that being said Andy and Joe curled up and went to sleep.

Pete sighed and waited until they fell asleep before pulling on his hoodie and sneaking out of the house quietly. He ran to the graveyard, shovel in hand, and found Patrick's grave. He desperately began to dig, tears falling down his cheeks. "I'm here, Patrick, I'm here. Please, please, hold on. I'm going to get you out of here."

After what seemed like forever he finally hit soething solid. The coffin shook as Patrick banged hard on it.

Pete scrambled to open the coffin, his eyes wide as he did. "Trick?"

Patrick sat up coughing. "Pa-n--da"

Patrick's hand shook as he reached out to Pete. "Get me out of here...I'm scared"

Pete grabbed him and pulled him out slowly, hugging him tightly. "Oh god, Trick. Are you okay?"

"Kind of. My hands are all bloody from banging on it. I feel light headed from the shit they put on me to preserve my body. I want to take a shower"He frowned feeling his head. "Where's my hat?"


"But you answered my pleas...why? If I were you I would've thought I was going crazy" Patrick smiled.

Pete reached over and grabbed Patrick's hat, placing it on his head gently. "I knew you were alive. I could feel it. I just...I just knew."

Patrick smiled. "Because you love me?"He asked holding on to Pete tightly.

"Anyways..it was Anna.I heard her telling Kevin she'd put something in my bottle of water. I guess it backfired on her. Instead of killing me..she put me in a deep sleep"

Pete nodded and hugged Patrick tightly. "We can get them arrested. They tried to kill you. We should call the police. Although..I could get arrested too..." he bit his lip.

"No one has to know..you saved me Pete. I..love..you..so much" He stroked Pete's face gently.

"I love you too, Trick." Pete smiled and placed a soft kiss on Patrick's lips.

Patrick smiled."Take me home..I wanna cuddle with you"

Pete smiled and took his hand, leading him back. He opened the door quietly and lead him back to bed.

During the process of getting to the bed Patrick's foot stepped on Joe's hand."Oops! I'm so sorry!"

Joe woke up and looked up at Patrick. "Oh, it's okay, Patrick, don't worry about it." He paused for a moment before opening his eyes wide. "WHOA PATRICK? Shit...what did I take?"

Patrick shook his head. Andy woke up next. "Wait..am I dreaming now too?"

Pete frowned and shook his head. "I TOLD you guys."

"But how is this possible? We saw him dead"Andy scratched his head.

Pete sighed. "He was in a coma pretty much."

"Enough about me"Patick smiled kissing Pete hard so he fell onto the bed.

When the two broke apart from the kiss Patrick decided he needed to shower to get that shit off of his body. Whilst he was in the shower, Andy and Joe looked at Pete."How are we going to explain Patrick's alive to the press? To his family?" Joe asked."We tell them the truth, his ex-girlfriend tried to kill him and it backfired"Pete answered confidently. "And what about you and Patrick?"Andy inquired eyebrow raised. Pete looked away blushing,"That's another story"


| 8 |Wrote A Sin Not A Tragedy

Because I love you [25 Jan 2007|04:33pm]
big text=patrick small text=pete

It's Friday night or is it Saturday morning? Sitting here on the computer isn't helping pass the time. I'll admit I love being home and all but I'm bored. "What a boring night" I say to myself. That is until, my sidekick goes off. Not bothering to look at the caller i.d I answer. "Hello?"
"'Trick?" I sniffle, curled up in my duvet on the floor of my hotel room.
 My hearing perks up. "Pete? Are you ok?"
"Do... do you hate me?" I ask, shivering. I'd called my mom up, but i couldnt speak. I became lost for words.
"What? Of course I don't! Pete where are you? I'm going to come and get you"
 "But why? I mean I pull you down, it's always about me, it's never about you. Idon't like it."
"You do not pull me down"
"I do. Inteviews. They can't start without me. We became more famous since those pictures surfaced on the internet."
"Don't worry about it. I'm to shy"
"But I do worry. 'Trick, I have to worry." I pop the lid of my pills off and swollow two of the tiny white anti-depressants.
"Pete..I'll ask you again..where are you?"
"It doesn't matter."
"Peter tell me"
"Do you love me? I mean after everything I do to you, you're still here, after it all. Do you love me?"

Patrick felt himself blush. "I do Pete.."
 "I don't know why, the way I treat you. You shouldn't."
 "You don't treat me like anything Pete" I had gotten up from the couch to pace.
 "I give you countless reasons to hate me, and you never do. I pull you through hell with me, but you still end up being my best friend."
 "Always Pete..remember that"
 I take another pill, swollowing it before replying. "Always what?"
 "I'll always be your best friend"
"Do you feel sorry for me? Is that it? Do you feel sorry for me so you stay my best friend?"
"No Pete! I'm your best friend because.."Alright he had me stumped. No that's not a spin off of my last name either. "We just are"
 "I... I do love you 'Trick, I hate putting you through my shit,I really do." I pull my knees to my chest swollowing another pill.
\"You don't pull me through anything Pete." I had left my room. I grabbed my jean jacket and was now in search of my keys.
Finally the pills were begning to kick in, my vision blurry, my speech becoming slurred. "I L-love you 'Trick." I alow my tears to fall as i swollow yet another pill.
"I love you too panda now tell me where you are" I finally had located where my keys .
 "I...I dont know... It's dark," I've forgotton where I am... "I'm alone 'Trick. I'm scared. And alone."
"You won't be..I'll find you somehow." I creep out of my house not wanting to wake my younger OR older brother up for that matter. I open the door of my crappy cadillac.
 "I want this all to be over. 'Trick I want it to go away."
: "Pete just stay with me until I get there look at your surrondings..other than dark what do you seE?"
 "I dont know, I can't see. It's blurry."
"Shit...I'll find you..somehow."
"I'm so scared. I want it to go away. I-I love you 'T'Trick."

"I love you too panda as I said..I'm GOING to find you"
 I swollow another pill that my hand automatically reaches out for. "I... I dont mean to worry you."
 "It's fine..I love you panda now I'm going to find ya"
 "No... I love you 'Trick." no matter how many times I say it, I'm sure he doesnt understand what I mean. I know he doesn't love me like I do him.
 "I love you too Peter"
 "It aches. It's numb. My mind can't decide how to feel."
 "I've taken too many. I can't stop."
"Taken what"
 "Pills. 'Trick, what have I done?"
 "I don't know please hold on"
I want to sleep. It's cold, I want to curl up and sleep."
 "Pete stay awake."
"I love you. I do."
"I'm sorry"

"I love you too.. and don't be"

I reach out to try and grab a hold of something, I feel nothing. "'Trick, I'm scared. Don't leave me."
"I won't baby I'm almost at your favorite hotel"
"It's dark in here. My head's heavy. I want to lie down, but I can't. So cold."

 I stop my car and start running up the stairs and opened the door. I walked straight up to the manager still on the phone with Pete."What room is Peter Wentz in?"He gave me the number and I ran up the stairs at a fast pace. I opened the door. "Pete!"
 I reach to stand up, but I'm soon back on the floor as I suddenly become dizzy
"Don't move" I walk over to him and embrace him in my arms.
I lean on him, knocking the what was once full bottle of pills over the floor, exposing the few i have left.
"Pete..you didn't" I trailed off.

I nod, tears threatening to fall once again. "I'm so sorry."
 "Don't be..but why?"
 "I...I don't know. I just thought... I don't know what I thought... I didn't mean to take them. Really I didn't."

"Oh Panda.."
"I-I love you Trick, You shouldn't have to see me like this."
 "I,love you Panda.You're my panda and I'm your trick"
 "Why do you always save me?"
Because..I love you:

"Can I sleep? I'm cold, and sleepy."
"Longs as you promise me you'll wake up"
 "I-I don't know. I'm so scared. What if I don't wake up. I can't leave you. I need you."

"Then you'll stay awake"
 'Help me. Please." Before I realise what's happening, the room spins before turning black.
 "PETE!" I scream..I have to bring him to the hospitial but will he hold on?

Beep, Beep, Beep... The sound pulls me away from everything. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. I feel someone clinging onto my hand, i'm awake, but I can't opem my eyes. I squeze myhand against whoever is holding onto me.

Pete squeezes my hand. Thank God he's alright.
 I force myself to opem my eyes, but they shut as quickly due to the white lights.

 I watch every movement Pete makes. I'm scared for him.
I cough slightly. "Trick?"

"Where am I? What happend" My voice is hoarse and it feels as though a million fuckin elephants are walking over my head.
 "You're in the hosptial Pete,you overdosed on you depressionpills"
"I wana go home. Hate. Hospitals." I cough. "Water?"

"Sure thing love"
 I swallow some of the water Patrick tips into my mouth, it soon becoming moist and I'm able to speak again without a dry throat. "Can I go home? How long was I out?"

I look down at Pete taking a deep breath. "About a week love.You can go home..in a few hours"

"I wanna go home nowwww" I whine

 "Sush babe..soon"
I smile. "I like it when you call be babe."

 "I like calling you babe"

 "Call me it more often. It makes me smile."


I smile up at him, sqeezing his hand again. "I love you."

"I love you too" I reply back to the older man and squeezing his hand.

 "No. I mean... I love you."

"And I mean I you"

"You... you do?"

 "Yes..Pete, I do"
 I grin. "You're so cute Trick."
"You're cuter panda"

"Can you take me home now?" I pout.
 "I'll see"

 "Please?" I beg. "I hate hospitals."
 "Ok "

 "I'm going to get you baby..give me a few"
I sigh. "Okay. Don't be long."
MusicnMisery "I won't be"
myfavouriteliarx I watch as he leaves the room, hating myself for overdosing because I worried he wouldn't love me the way I love him. I just hope he doesn't find out. I don't want him to know I did all this to myself ecause of him.
MusicnMisery After locating the doctor and begging with him to release Pete. I walk into Pete's room. "Okay you can go"
myfavouriteliarx If i had the energy to pull myself out of bed and dance like a fool I would've done, but after having had my stomach pumped I have no way as near energy to pull myself up, let alone dance.
MusicnMisery I walked over to Pete's bad and gently picked him up"
MusicnMisery .**
myfavouriteliarx Wrapping my arms around his neck, I get the perfect angle to push my lips against his, and thats exactly what i do.
MusicnMisery I'm taken aback at first. What a place for a first kiss but I kiss him back gently.
myfavouriteliarx I smile, leaning closer, before pulling away and grining at his now swolen pink lips. "Thank you, for saving my life. Again."
MusicnMisery "Anytime babe..thanks for the kiss"
myfavouriteliarx "Oh you're so woth it. It's like that hair product, you know."
myfavouriteliarx worth*
MusicnMisery "Yes I know." He smiled. "Best kiss ever..maybe because it was my first?"
myfavouriteliarx "No way! Are you serious?"
MusicnMisery "Yes I am..no guys liked me"
myfavouriteliarx "Tricky, seriously, but... you... and..." I pause taking a breath. "You're amazing, anyone would be lucky to be with you, and youre an amazing kisser."
MusicnMisery "Me and?" I paused blushing. "Thanks Panda"
myfavouriteliarx "so cute." I mutter watching as he blushes.
MusicnMisery "But what were you going to say?"
myfavouriteliarx "I was trying to find the right words to show you how beautyful you are."
MusicnMisery "PETER!"
myfavouriteliarx "What?"
MusicnMisery I lower my trademark cap to hide my face. "You know.."
myfavouriteliarx "No I dont."
MusicnMisery "I'm shy"
myfavouriteliarx "You're beautyful babe."
myfavouriteliarx [[...]]
MusicnMisery "So are you"
myfavouriteliarx "Not as much as my Tricky-bear."
MusicnMisery "Peter Panda!"
myfavouriteliarx "What?"
MusicnMisery "I love you!" I giggle
myfavouriteliarx "Nu huh... I love you more. now carry me to the car before i get too heavy for you."
MusicnMisery "You heavy? Never"
myfavouriteliarx I tut. "Babe, I'm a whale."
MusicnMisery "Correction..you love a whale"
myfavouriteliarx "Correction, you're not a whale you're a bear. A big cuddly bear. To the Trick-mobile!" I gigle, my fist punching the air.
myfavouriteliarx giggle*
myfavouriteliarx [[i'ma have to go in a min]]
MusicnMisery [sorry hon was fixing myspace
myfavouriteliarx [its alrighty]]
MusicnMisery "Alright let's go to that junk of a car"
myfavouriteliarx "Trick-mobile." I pout. "But before we go..." I lean dow and capture his lips wiht my own again.
MusicnMisery I return his kiss smiling.
myfavouriteliarx My hand sneaks it's way into his hair and under his hat, taking a firm hold of his soft hair, scared that if i let go it'll all be a dream.
myfavouriteliarx [[goma go now xx]]
myfavouriteliarx [[gona]]
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myfavouriteliarx: heya
MusicnMisery hey
myfavouriteliarx how ae you
MusicnMisery ok
myfavouriteliarx good
MusicnMisery just ate
myfavouriteliarx goosd
myfavouriteliarx good
myfavouriteliarx want to write more?
MusicnMisery sure
myfavouriteliarx where did we get to?
MusicnMisery um let me look
myfavouriteliarx: "Trick-mobile." I pout. "But before we go..." I lean dow and capture his lips wiht my own again.
MusicnMisery I return his kiss smiling.
myfavouriteliarx My hand sneaks it's way into his hair and under his hat, taking a firm hold of his soft hair, scared that if i let go it'll all be a dream.
MusicnMisery A gentle moan excapes my lips all of this was new to me.
myfavouriteliarx I smile into the kiss, my tongue probing at his bottom lip, testing the waters to see how comfotable Patrick really feels.
MusicnMisery I pull away. "At least wait till weget into the car"
myfavouriteliarx "I think thats a deal, though I doubt my mind can process it." It's at this point I blush, hiding my head in his neck
MusicnMisery I smile carrying him out to my car.
myfavouriteliarx i'm guessing he didnt understand what I meant, which is a good sign, hiding said problem may prove to be more tricky (har tricky, geddit?)
myfavouriteliarx [[yes that (har tricky...) bit is petes thoughts]]
MusicnMisery [haha]
MusicnMisery I placed Pete in the passangers side and get in on the drivers side. No sooner I closed the door before my lips where on his again.
myfavouriteliarx As soon as Patrick got me seated in the car, I closed my eyes to reflect on the past... however long its been since I took those pills. I'm in shock when Patrick kisses me, but I'm soon kissing back.
MusicnMisery I lick his bottom lip gently.
myfavouriteliarx I moan at his actions, giving his tongue access to my mouth
myfavouriteliarx .
MusicnMisery Using what knowledge I had from accidently walking in on Kevin..I explore his mouth withmy tongue.
myfavouriteliarx I allow him to explore, submissing to let him learn, even if he doesnt need to. I try to hold back my moans, but one slips from my lips accidently.
myfavouriteliarx [[...]]
MusicnMisery I pull away"I want to come over my house?Mom,dad,Elliot and Kevin aren't home.Even if I was 20..my parents wouldn't approve of me tongueing my best friend and Elliot.. I didn't wanna corrupt his mind.As for Kevin? He's an asshole.
MusicnMisery [end " after home]
myfavouriteliarx "I'd love to Trick, but, promise me if anything gets too much, stop me before it's too late. I.. god you're beautiful.
MusicnMisery "Of course"
myfavouriteliarx I smile at him, before turning to look out of the front window, my hand resting on his thigh. "Then lets go."
myfavouriteliarx [[i'ma have to go soon]]
myfavouriteliarx [[its like 11 over here]]
MusicnMisery "Alright then" [andok]
Wrote A Sin Not A Tragedy

Face Down [18 Dec 2006|10:23pm]
Title:Face Down
Authors:Kendra and Erica
Summary:"Do you feel better now as he falls to the ground?"Just how much more can Ryan take before he's finally had enough?
Disclaimer. We Do Not own them!
Chapters 2 and complete!

For more fanfics head over to permanetjetlag 

Chapter One My Boyfriend's A Whore

Brendon's POV


I can proudly say that I have been dating Ryan for about a year now. It all started as a game. A show if you will that we put on for the fans. They loved it and suddenly so did we. It was no longer a game, a show, an act. Ryan and I had fallen in love. Everything seemed so perfect between us. When we told Jon and Spencer they were totally cool with the whole idea. Things went on pleasantly for a while. Until that one fateful day.

Present day

It started as a pretty normal day for us boys that panicked at the disco. Jon was playing ddr, Spencer was on the phone with his girlfriend, and Ryan...was nowhere to be found. I was feeling quite happy if you catch my drift and could use Ryan for a "pick me up". But I couldn't find him. As I searched the hotel all I found where the 2 boys I had already seen known as Spencer and Jon. I soon gave up my search and headed back to my room. Guess it would be the t.v. and my right hand. As I slumped back to my room I heard grunts and moans of pleasure.

At least some ones getting some.

Soon those grunts and moans I heard rang a bell, a bell that I heard many times! I found the door the grunts where coming from and opened the front door.

Who leaves the door open?

As I entered the room, the stench of hot sweaty bodies reached my nose. There I stood in front of the man I once thought I loved. I tried to get away without being noticed but I knocked over the table making a big crash!


The couple quickly separated and looked up at me.
"Brendon it's not what it looks like!" Ryan quickly said
"Fuck you Ryan! I know what I just saw and it didn't look like you were baking cookies!" he quickly pulled on his boxers and pants and walked towards me slowly.
"Please Brendon you don't understand, I am really confused about us I just-I just needed-"
"Needed what Ryan? A girl?" he looked down at his feet feeling guilty
"I guess..." I couldn't believe what had just happened! I loved Ryan and I thought he loved me! Quickly my emotions changed. I glanced at the cheap hooker he had in his bed and thought of all the wonderful nights we had spent together. I pushed my sadness aside and let in a new emotion.


I put a fake smile towards Ryan making Ryan think I had forgiven him which lead for him to come closer.

Dumb move.

Quickly I made my fist go across his face with all my strength. He went down to the floor quickly holding the side of his face looking at me with hurt eyes. I knew I would regret it but I couldn't help it. Something had taken over me. Now that he was on the floor it gave me a clear shot to his stomach. Kick after kick, he would make loud coughing sound. The hooker just laid there in shock. Finally after I spot a river of blood escaping from the corner of his mouth I stood Ryan up buy the collar of his shirt and pressed him against the wall.
"If you think were done. Think again. You're stuck with me Ryan Ross." As I let go of his shirt he slunked down to the floor not knowing what to do.

3 months later

Ryan's POV

"Brendon please I didn't know she was gonna leap onto me! You know how those crazy fan girls are. They don't mean anything to me." I pleaded. He raised his hand and slapped me across the face.
"You know Ryan I told you not to fuck with me. This is your damn fault. You know I don't like to hit you." He gave me a kiss but I resisted which only got him angrier. He stormed out of the room as I sighed in relief. I loved Brendon but all the bruises and scares that he was leaving were making it difficult to remember that. When press asked about my marks I merely told them that I was clumsy and always tended to fall. Most didn't believe me. Hell I wouldn't either. I was in hell but I was in love.

What am I going to do?

Chapter Two Never Again

a/n this is a two shot fiction meaning this ends it right here, hope ya'll like it!

1 year later

Ryan's POV

I felt like my head was going to crack open as I was repeadtly slammed against a brick wall. "Bren..don..stop..please"I choked out. He looked at me with those eyes. Oh those eyes. Those dark brown eyes. They used to show so much love and sincerity,now they show nothing but want,need,lust,and control. "You just had to kiss that girl didn't you?" His eyes flared. "Bu..bu..but Brendon it was on the cheek and you kissed her too!" Big mistake pointing out he did something too. CRACK! He hit me AGAIN. He left me laying in our dressing room,bleeding,bruising,and naked. The scars where still visible I wish he had never gotten that first taste of power.

About A week later still Ryan's POV

Brendon walked in with a smile on his lips. He came over and gently kissed me on the lips. My brain is saying 'DO IT! DO IT NOW! NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!' but my heart's saying 'You love him more than you value you life have you thought this through?' I swallowed and pushed him away as he attemps to deepen the kiss and undo my pants. He clenches his hand ready to hit me. " No Brendon, never again will I be a victim of your abuse. I loved you Brendon I really did..I never wanted this. Ironic how the tables have turned.From you being the victim to me. I'm sorry Brendon, this is goodbye" Tears stream out of my eyes as I reveal my gun and pull the trigger. I break down and cry as I watch for once, as Brendon falls to the ground.

No one's POV

A week after Brendon's death, Ryan died of "mysterious causes".Although almost everyone had an idea of what may of caused it, but no one could be sure. The three most popular theories were. One he committed suicuide,two all of the abuse got to him, or three,he died from a broken heart.

The End yes you can kill me[kendra] now! I'm crying



| 27 |Wrote A Sin Not A Tragedy

Home Is Where The Heart Is [17 Dec 2006|07:31pm]
[ mood | creative ]

yeah yeah yeah I got lazy with updates again here

Title:Home Is Where The Heart Is
Authors: Kendra and Kirsty
Pairing:Jon/Spencer from p!atd
Rated:Pg-13 for some swearing
This is a standalone oh yes italics are jon

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

I sigh for the millionth time that day.

Christmas Eve and I'm stuck on a tour bus.


I move over to the bunk area to rest, maybe surf the net on my sidekick, email my family.

Something to get over this depression of not being home for Christmas.

I'm homesick.

I'm mindlessly walking around the tour bus that all of us call home. I sigh softly as I see Spencer sulk into the back.He wanted to be home like all of us. But what could I do to make it seem like he was home? I look down at my body and then wander to bunk area. "C'mon Spencer smile,it's Christmas eve"

"I know but I want to be home. What's Christmas without your family?"

I sigh closing my sidekick.

I know I'm being childish, and selfish being the only one in a mood about it, but Brendon and Ryan have each other, and Jon, well Jon's just Jon. He'll be all grown up about it.

Like I should be.

"I bet I can make you smile, while the other two snog in the backroom" I disappear briefly to my own bunk grabbing my backpack and then walked into the bathroom.

"Pftt. I doubt it." I reply lazily before realizing he's already disappeared.


I remerged dressed up as Chris Cringle himself. "Ho ho ho. I see a little boy sad on Christmas Eve. Tell me Spencer, what troubles you on this holy night"

"My god Jon you idiot. What are you wearing that for?" I laugh.

"Jon? I'm not Jon. I'm Jolly Old Saint Nicolas"


"Oh right, well then 'Saint Nic' I've been a good boy this year, and for Christmas I'd like to be with my family." I respond sarcastically, once again acting like the selfish idiot I really was.


"Well you chose this job when you know it would pull you away from your family. However you have a really good friend here that is also away from his family and is willing to spend Christmas Eve with you"

"Well you see Santa. Jon has just disappeared, I don't know where he's gone, and Brendon and Ryan are doing the naughty in the seating area. Who's going to spend Christmas with me when my band mates are busy or missing"

"Well Spencer I can arrange for Jon to come back if you like"

"Well yes that would be great, but what would Jon and I get up to cramped on a bus with no chance of playing a video game thanks to Ryan and Brendon taking up the seating area where the games console is. There is no way that I want to know what they get up to." I shudder at the mere thought.

"Sometime you can have fun if you use you're imagination"

"What imagination? Oh my god, I can't actually believe I'm having a normal conversation with a twenty-one year old dressed as Santa."

"You're using it now. You've referred to me as Santa a few times"

"Come on Jon this isn't funny anymore, this really isn't helping me, I miss my family. It's not fair."

I pulled my fake beard down."Brendon,Ryan and I do too but you see we're making the most of what we have."

"What do we have Jon? We've got nothing but a tour bus and each other. I'm sorry I know I'm being completely selfish, but I didn't realize I'd be touring over Christmas"

"Eachother's enough for Ryan and Brendon"

"What about us?"


"We have eachother too"


"Not like that though. I mean you're straight." I mentally curse myself for nearly admitting to Jon that I'm not just into women.

"Who says? Not the easter bunny"

"Easter bunny? Jon you're getting worse man." I reply trying to change the subject.

"Am not.Read between the lines Spence"

"What lines are there to read between?"

"When did I come out and tell you that I was straight hmm?"

"I-I j-just t-thought…" I blush becoming a stuttering mess.

"I'm not Spencer, infact the reason I'm bi is on this bus"

"Brendon and Ryan. Jon that's just ew. As if."

"Not them you silly boy. YOU"

'Me' I mouth pointing to myself in complete shock.

"Yes you..proceeding my first meeting with Brendon in which we sang along to Disney music on his ipod, I met Ryan and then you. Something about you hooked me and reeled me in"

"I…I don't know what to say." I'm pretty much speechless and staring open mouthed at him.

"Then..don't say anything." I pause in my motions before leaning over and embracing him.

"When did you… y'know, know you were… into men?" I ask. " I mean you said it was when you met me, but it mustn't have been that soon for you to realize, surely?"

"I think I was born bi like everyone else is, you're my first boy crush" My face is redder than my outfit by now.

I refrain from the 'AWH' that's just dying to make it's appearance from the colour of Jon's cheeks, instead I move my head into his neck, grabbing a hint of that scent that is just Jon.

"I'm not gay."

"I had a feeling..but just so you know, I'm here for you"

"No I don't mean I'm not gay I mean I'm confused." I blush.

"Confused eh? Maybe my Christmas gift to you could be to help you"

"How could you help me Jon?" I murmur my head back into his neck.

"Words can't explain how I can help you.We'll have to rely on our actions" I smile softly. I know he can't see it, but I smile anyways my hand rubbing his back gently.

I sigh softly, and look back up at him before laughing slightly.

"I can't take you serious looking like that."

"I'm happy to be holding you 'tis all"


"But you're dressed as Santa."

"I can go change if you want"

"I don't mind."


"Alright then take me serious" I joked with him. My eyes glanced over at the clock. Five minutes to midnight.


"Fine then." I giggle poking my tongue out at him.

I smiled softly. He was finally happy. I rub my hand against his face.

I don't know what to do or say next, so I lean into him and wait for him to speak.

I'm lost for words. I decide it's either take the risk of loosing a friend or deal with the 'what if' for the rest of my life. Deciding on the first, I tilt his head up and gently place my lips on his.

Shock? Yes.

Good? Definitely.

I move closer to him and try to kiss back, but the beard he'd placed under his chin tickled.

I had to giggle.

I giggle back pull off the beard and place it on the bed and kiss him again.

"Should we even be doing this?" I ask, still unsure of myself and how much I should be enjoying this.

I'm guessing not as much as I am though.

"What's your heart telling you?"

"I don't know it's m brain doing the work, and that's not particularly working for me right now. I kow I'm liking this though."

"Well then that's a good thing. I embrace him tighter before looking over at the clock. "Merry Christmas Spencer"

"Merry Christmas Jon."


Wrote A Sin Not A Tragedy

chapter 18 vampires will never hurt you [25 Oct 2006|11:25pm]
Chapter 18 It Ends Tonight[Epilogue]

Brendon led the way to the vampire burial ground. Since William was killed for dishonrable acts, he was buried in a regular human cementary. Ryan was close behind Brendon, and then came Joe and Andy. Behind them where eight vampires,four carrying Pete's coffin,the other four carrying Patrick's coffin.Brendon finally stopped and the other vampires did as well. Brendon was nervous, even though he was a leader of a gang prior to this, he never had to conduct a funeral before. Brendon wanted to bite his lip but was afraid to due to his fangs. Ryan nudged him gently and miracously Brendon felt the confidence flow through his vein. "Friends,humans, and fellow vampires today. We are here today to say goodbye to two fellow vampires, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III who was turned by our formal dishonarable leader Willaim Beckett and Patrick Martin Stumph who was turned recently by Ryan here.Pete was killed by William and Patrick decided he didn't want to live his life without his soulmate and took his own life. I'm afraid Ryan and I would've faced a similar fate if we hadn't listened to Patrick's departing words. So my friends as we say goodbye to Pete and Patrick, head my warning. Be careful the world out there is dangerous and with that we say goodbye." He concluded. Joe and Andy walked over to their best friends' coffins and placed a single red rose on both of them. Brendon and Ryan patted their new friend's backs and walked over to the coffins. Being the leader and the heir to the vampire kingdom, each them placed a single black rose on each coffin. Brendon then raised his hand signifing to begin lowering the coffins. Joe and Andy turned their heads away to cry. Ryan hid his face in Brendon's shirt crying. Brendon's eyes drifted to Ryan and then the nightsky which was illuminated by the pale moonlight. "Thank you Pete,Patrick for everything. You taught me about love and friendship and I will forever be grateful." He turned his attention briefly to see the graves being filled with dirt. He turned away as his brown eyes filled with tears. This really was goodbye,forever.
Wrote A Sin Not A Tragedy

[24 Oct 2006|09:02am]
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through the wire 5 teaser/preview im pretty sure this is isn't done god i wish i could show someone this.....

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[23 Oct 2006|10:04pm]
Comment with your username and I'll give you an honest compliment. Then post this in your journal and spread the love.
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The Vampires Will Never Hurt You last two chapters! [04 Oct 2006|05:00pm]
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through the wire [01 Oct 2006|06:54pm]
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through the wire [01 Oct 2006|06:42pm]
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through the wire [01 Oct 2006|06:39pm]
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Through The Wire [01 Oct 2006|06:07pm]

Title:Through The Wire
Authors: gcnspgirl & x_obvious_x
Rated:Heavy R/Nc-17
Band: Panic! At The Disco
Pairing[s]:Brendon/Ryan maybe a smidge of Jon/Spencer 

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The Vampires Will Never Hurt You 15 [20 Sep 2006|06:23pm]
Only two more chapters after this one kiddies, so enjoy it!

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new panic! fic [03 Sep 2006|06:33pm]
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Titled:Currently Untitled
Authors: Me and x_obvious_x
Rated:R/maaaaaaaaaybe Nc-17 in later chapters
Pairing:Ryan/Brendon-duh- =)

tell me if you like

the point of view changes throughout the fic you should be able to tell when it changes =)

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